Re: LexiMUD, "Personal Web Space for players"

From: Chris Jacobson (
Date: 06/06/99

On 6/6/99 17:35, George Greer ( stated:

>Actually, when I took a look at it in Netscape I realized it was useless
>(at the time) because nothing was there yet.  Originally I thought all the
>links were behind the missing client map.
>So, uh, nevermind me. :)

Yes that's the problem - I'm still building the layout, although the
browsable source IS there, I have yet to put the link:


In other news, I've been messing with a php3 CGI (plus Perl script) that
allows users to have their own subdirectories, access the file
maintenance (add/remove directories, upload/download/remove files)
through a password protection scheme, and have the pages accessible to
others without protection... so I am able to give our clans a small bit
of webspace.

This works by users going to where the user
is queried for login and password, and then index.php3 is automatically
loaded (some .htaccess fiddling may be necessary).  The user/pass
information is loaded from an htpasswd file (located outside the web
tree), and the user's directory is located in (locally)
/home/avp/members_html/, with /home/avp/public_html/members being a soft
link to that directory.

Thus, user "ESCU" (one of our clans) is at and they do not need shell access to do
anything (also any scripts they upload are not executable because of
default permissions), so it is fairly safe.

The script is at:
Requires Perl and PHP3 (either cgi or apache mod - I run it as CGI since
I don't have admin on the server).
It required some small modifications so that it didn't run as root or do
any suid stuff, and a little extra fiddling since it was using a custom
directory rather than /home/~$REMOTE_USER, but it works fine now.

- Chris Jacobson

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