Oasis olc pre 11 or was it 12

From: Nocturnal Occulto (ronnyi@ifi.uio.no)
Date: 06/08/99

Im usuing oasis olc latest patch, and Im curious about one thing in add
whats the point of the code below....
All it seems to do is make all my zone flags load wrong mobs whenever a
new mob is made.

   * Update zone table.
  for (zone = 0; zone <= top_of_zone_table; zone++)
    for (cmd_no = 0; ZCMD(zone, cmd_no).command != 'S'; cmd_no++)
      if (ZCMD(zone, cmd_no).command == 'M')
 ZCMD(zone, cmd_no).arg1 += (ZCMD(zone, cmd_no).arg1 >= new_mob_num);

Regards ROnny

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