Re: Ascii pfiles 2.0b (continued Question)

From: Together (
Date: 06/10/99

Ok, I have read the last posts on the CREATE and free()'s they work great
for set, last, and any other place with load char. However I am still having
a GREAT deal of trouble with this part.

When i first boot the mud, and log in it is great and can play forever
<virtually you get the idea> and as many players as want can log in.

The trouble comes when a player quits, then the next person to log in
crashes the mud with a malloc() error.

I have tried fixing the alias's and even removing that section all togeter
and this does not fix it. I <now i know this is foolish but I had to try it>
did the

        CREATE(d->character, struct char_data, 1);
    CREATE(d->character->player_specials, struct player_special_data, 1);

in interpreter.c just before load_char. That really made a mess the first
player logs in and you get the prompt and nothing else :P.

Thanks for any help/tips on this in advance


P.S. Is anyone else having trouble getting into the archives to search ?

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