[NEWBIE] "Everything" patch/code

From: Brian (brian@imi-bottling.com)
Date: 06/11/99

I dunno why.. but for some reason it takes days and sometimes weeks (one
time it was over a month) for messages to appear on the circle-newbies list
where I originally posted this question... So I figured I'd post here in
hopes of being able to work on this, this weekend... here goes:


Ok... got the lotp.tar.gz file (the next generation "everything" patch...
bpl15, oasisolc+, copyover, and tons more...).

Got it running.  Fine, no problem...  However, one things is totally
escaping me here.  How on earth do I assign someone a zone?  Before, in
stock code it was "set <name> olc <zonenumber>" but that doesn't work
anymore.  Since this "everything" code has a trust system, I gave a person
the builder, imm1, and olc groups.  However, that still doesn't give them
any ability to edit a zone.  I looked at the code, and the "olc" set
variable is no longer in the list.   I looked at the char_to_store function,
and it isn't saving any OLC information with the character (that I could
tell).  I manually checked out the ascii pfile itself, and there's
definately no olc zone variable that I can see.

Is anyone running this code?  It's Michael Cunninghams "Legends of the
Phoenix" code that he released instead of keeping up with an "everything"
patch.  Someone, somewhere MUST have tried this and had a builder and had to
find out how to do this (without giving them access to all zones).

Anyone have any ideas?  I'm stumped!  I can't find anything in the code
resembling a saved variable that is stored with the character so it knows
what zone they have.

Thanks in advance! :)

 - brian

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