[CODE-HELP] Ascii Pfiles and bpl12

From: John Sherman (psbait@bright.net)
Date: 06/15/99

I have tried to manual patch the ascii pfile patch 3 times into my mud. =
I can't seem to get it work. It compiles and stuff, but its is way too =
buggy! Some times my players would log onto the mud with no names. It =
would say stuff like:
  says 'Hi'
/ \

I would like to know if other have had this problem? and if there is a =
fix for it, or is there a different patch I should try. Also here is the =
specs on my mud:
It runs on FreeBSD 2.2.8-RELEASE
the mud patch level 12
with oasis olc and death gate scripts

-=3D Wam =3D-
Owner of Betrayal, chimera.zyan.com port: 4000

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