From: Mark Vanness Jr. (
Date: 06/17/99

Personally, I feel as some of the others do on this subject.  I think
CircleMUD should be written in C.  However, I think adding new
features like ASCII PFiles, is a waste.  Some people argue binary
is better, and that they like binary better!

Some people, as we have seen with some new code released
earlier don't like classes!  If they don't like classes I am sure they
wouldnt want races either!

The idea of adding more stuff to take out is a pain to some people.
Improving the code to work better, is not the same as improving
the code so a novice coder doesnt have to do so much.

Your right though, having an incomplete OLC doesnt make sense...

As always the final decision is up to Jeremy.

Mark W. Vanness Jr.
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> I agree and think it should be left in C.
> Also, adding in the OLC (or completing it)
>       add in two more classes.
>       forget races.
>       pfiles in ascii
> I have heard stuff on making it modular, which I do not know what this
> means
> but it sounds like it would be easier to work with.
> ThE PiKaChU wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > This is about Circlemud 4.00
> >
> > I think it should be made in C again, although i hear
> > c++ has more advantages.
> > It would be hard for Jermy and Us, Mud coders to adjust to the c++.
> > They may be simlar but for the newbie coder(such as i) it would be a
> > change. I would prefer it to be done in c coding. Does anyone else
> > Also i think CircleMUD should have some more fetures like races, more
> > classes and fetures in the new 4.00 and before they realse it, it should
> > have no bugs noticed.
> >
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