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From: Casey Cady (
Date: 06/18/99

Thanks for the input.  Just thought I'd offer since I didn't know if one

  On a side note, I think Web based discussion boards and mailing lists are
both very useful, for very different purposes.  As a general rule (although
I know there are archives), mailing lists are more difficult to browse past
messages.  Also most decent web message board scripts have some very useful
thread features.  The advantage of mailing lists are, of course,
convenience,  and (usually) a better signal to noise ratio.

The Ceramic Mouse is in the "weblog" format, which isn't exactly what I had
in mind.  (Although, I'm a big fan of /.'s format)  That format is
essentially a "directed" discussion,  General discussions follow the posts
on the main news page (which can only be made by a limited number of

The area where a web based discussion board would really excel, I think, is
newer Circle users.  A possibility is to direct "newbie" questions to the
web discussion site(while, of course, still allowing them here).  The
advantage of this is the S/N ratio on the mailing list gets even
better(although the noise on this list is much lower than on most).   The
disadvantage is that, in order for this to work, a decent number of
experienced Circle users (of which, I am definately not) would have to keep
up on the board regularly to answer questions.

Creating a discussion board cost's me nothing (except about a minute of
time), so maybe I should just create it and see what happens?

Thanks for your input

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> >
> > Casey,
> >         I like the idea that you're willing to contribute time and
effort into
> > helping out the CircleMUD community as a whole, but I just don't see the
> > message board being used all that much. We already have a discussion
> > (this mailing list) and the messages come to me (in a sense) instead of
> > having to go to them in a web-based format.
> Plus, everybodies favorite Circle site (Ceramic Mouse, in case you forgot)
> has a message board feature, which I think is really underused.  Well,
> maybe not underused, but definitely not used to it's full potential.

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