Re: {CIRCLE][ASCII] same 8 character problems with atwist

From: Francis Hotchkiss (
Date: 06/19/99

> From: John Hines <jahweb@GRNCO.NET>

> Am i correct in thinking that this is pointing to load_char?
> Seems that login (last) and birth are the same...

I assume that you are using Sammy's ASCII Pfiles ver 2.0b ?
If so, then there is a bug involving played time by the character.

In the patch, Sammy removed the following two lines of code from db.c:
    ch->player.time.played += (long) (time(0) - ch->player.time.logon);
    ch->player.time.logon = time(0);

Without these two lines, your played time will never be updated.
To fix this, add those two lines before the following line in db.c:save_char():
    fbprintf(fl, "Plyd: %d\n", ch->player.time.played);


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