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From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 06/20/99

> On 6/18/99 10:07 AM, Dan Argent ( stated:
> >It looks to be a very elegant method of storing information.
> >I suppose there will be some method so that strings contaning <> will not
> >be interpreted as tags.
> < = &lt;
> > = &gt;
> & = &amp;
> (there are more, and more can be made) ...just like in HTML (which is
> subset of XML now... XML was invented, taking the most used and easiest
> to integrate features of SGML, the language that HTML is derived from, to
> offset the bloating occuring with the recent developments in HTML)

If you also use XSL (Style Sheets for XML) you can use <XSL ATTRIBUTE ...>
and <XSL ELEMENT ...>, these allow you to modify the XML giving you the
ability to use the data under multiple instances. (Perhaps storing data
for PC's and Mobs in the same format, but dealing with it differently?)

We're using the XML for web based data retreval and display, so the size
of the tags can be a problem if your looking to conserve bandwidth, but
internally from a file should be no problem.

The possibilites of XML (And XSL) are pretty endless (in their given
realm) if anyone actually uses these for development, I'd be very
interested in hearing about it.

Ghost Shaidan
Implementor of Questionable Sanity 4000

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