Overflow in editor in Circlemud patch 15/And one in Oasis olc 2.0

From: Nocturnal Occulto (ronnyi@ifi.uio.no)
Date: 06/21/99

When you are editing and if you put in more text than the buffer
can hold you get the message String too long.  Last line skipped.
Do that enough times and the editor will eventually crash the mud,
the editor seems to be adding 1 char whenever you get that message.
So even though there is some overflow protection, it isnt enough ;)

About the bug in Oasis olc 2.0

If you for example do zedit new 8, it messes up the zone table and
all other zones gets wrong numbers. ZOne 54 now has number 53
until boot etc

Regards ROnny

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