Re: AutoRun problems & circles

From: Andrew Ritchie (
Date: 06/22/99

>However, If I use the "sh ./autorun &" I get a
>SYSERR: bind: Address already in use.

I get the same error on my custom-codebase, and it's one of the questions I
have yet to get an answer for! Although it may be a bit different to yours,
I do get a bind() perror - Address already in use.

I run it on my home linux box, and it's not even connected to the internet.
I run the mud (just normally - bin/startgame), and when the program
shutdowns - either by normal standard shutdowns, or by crashes, or by
hitting Ctrl-C, I have to wait about 4 minutes until I can re-bind to that
port. It doesn't matter which port I run it on - anything from 1034 to
23000, it still does the same thing. If I try to run the game within four
minutes of the last instance's shutdown, I get a bind() perror.

I have no idea why it is doing this. I don't have to do anything except wait
a few minutes. Although not life-threathening, it does bug me. Anyone have
any suggestions?

Anyways this is a bit off topic.


I was wondering what the "Circle" means in CircleMUD. I guess Jeremy would
be the best person to answer this. Does it possibly mean the no-start
no-finish type (philosophy?) that MUDs and circles have in common?

Just wondering :)



Andrew Ritchie,

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