Re: Overflow in editor in Circlemud patch 15/And one inOasis olc 2.0

From: Nocturnal Occulto (
Date: 06/23/99

Found another wierd bug in the shop editor for latest version of oasis.
First create one shop, save it. Then create another one, save it and
Always crashes. Anybody found out why?

About my last mail that the editor crashes if players spams huge enough
buffers to it here
is a quick fix:

replace this line
} else if (strlen(*d->str) <= (d->max_str - 3)) /* 3 = \r\n\0 */


} else if (strlen(*d->str) <= (d->max_str - 4)) /* 3 = \r\n\0 */

at the end of string_add


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