Re: [GUI] Soon to come!

From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 06/24/99

From: George Greer <>
> On Thu, 24 Jun 1999, Tony Robbins wrote:
> >"Realms of Aurealis" has a protocol that is used in my MUD for streaming
> >mp3s.  Basically, it has access to the MUDs data and allows you to send
> >what you want.  I didn't code that part, so I don't know where to locate
> >but it would be a nice ingredient to an outside administrative console.
> If the GUI was written in X, you'd get client/server automatically.
> Downside being that you couldn't close the connection without killing the
> MUD.
> However, I think making a GUI that just fed the MUD commands through a
> character may be interesting.  I had an idea to make the MUD taken console
> input once but it never went anywhere since it's easier to log into it. :)

I think a real advantage would lie in being able to dynamically access the
data.  Remember discussing this on the Discussion MUD (in relation to SQL)?
If you have a way to get the data, you can interpret it however you want.
You could have a web-based control console, a telnet one (for the
implementor who wants to perform a few tasks without getting the populace on
top of them), and a nice little custom console also.

You could have a little cloaked character and do the same thing, but, IMHO,
that's a little cheap :P


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