Re: [GUI] Soon to come!

From: Jason Berg (
Date: 06/24/99

>However, I think making a GUI that just fed the MUD commands through a
>character may be interesting.  I had an idea to make the MUD taken console
>input once but it never went anywhere since it's easier to log into it. :)
Back when I was in college a buddy of mine and I were working on a mud
together but the only computer we could use that didn't get erased all the
time was his laptop.  Now of course this laptop couldn't handle WinSock for
some reason so we could compile the mud fine but when we ran it it wouldn't
be able to start winsock to let us log in locally.  I had designed a layer
to run on top of it that would allow the dos box to act like a telnet client
where the mud was running and would also do all of the displaying and that.
I also had designs for multiple windows (in the dos box) so you could use
two characters so I could test the interaction parts of the code.  Alas
college ended and I didn't go back the next semester so it never got done.

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