Re: (Fwd) advertsing info.

From: JoeR (
Date: 06/25/99

> Damn spammers.
> Just ignore it.

I hate spammers too, but instead of ignoring them I forward all of my spam
to the following address:

"The Spam Recycling Center will take your spam mail and forward them to the
appropriate federal authorities. Spammers that break the law need to be
punished! The Spam Recycling Center also makes your Spam available to
software companies to improve their spam filter products."

You can get more info about this free service at

I'm sure everyone knows this, but.. just as a reminder, never reply to a
spam that says they'll remove you (or even bother flaming them back).. most
of the time all that happens is your name is moved to another list that is
for "verified/live email addresses" and your address is sold to even more
spammers... and you end up with even more spam.

There should be laws against unsolicited spam.

Joe Rykowski ('Cyklop'), SysAdmin/Builder/Coder
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