Re: [CODE] Crash bug in do_order

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 06/27/99

On Sun, 27 Jun 1999, Andrey Fidrya wrote:

> The obvious solution is adding next_k variable
> and doing next_k = k->next at the beginning of
> cycle but it's not applicable here:

Do not to extract things that die right off, simply move them to some
special, unused room and then at the beginning of the next loop extract
everything in that room.  That way, you eliminate the problem by
side-stepping the extracting of mobiles until well after you need them
around.  You could also maintain a global linked list of characters to
extract.  The general idea is the same.

Or, you could try hacking up the for (;;) loop more to make it work, but
there could be other situations where this same bug exists in your code.
And, anyway, I can't think of anything remotely attractive and 100%
fool-proof to replace it with.  Anyway, you'd have to hack up all the for
(;;) loops that may fall prey to this -- not worth the trouble, in my
estimation.  Ah, and as I see, you just did post a kludge to deal with it.
Still quite ugly. ;)


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