From: George Greer (
Date: 06/27/99

On Sun, 27 Jun 1999, Justin P. wrote:

>I have just setup a web page which contains my code additions to
>circl30bpl14 so come take a look.
>My site will never be fancy as I have only a whopping 1 meg of space to
>share. This is more of a site to help me find a mud to code on whose
>implementor(s) like my code. I am in the process of converting more things
>over to text files for others to read. Ripping code out of a working mud
>even when its your own is pain to go back a year and think...Now where the
>hell else did I edit that feature. Anyways I write only yet undone(afaik)
>things since when not working on an online mud something has to make me
>interested. :>

Any reason the FTP site and/or Developer web site isn't used?

I'm going to revamp the developer site one of these days.  I'll stick all
the raw files on the FTP site and have the developer site have links
to/display them instead of bloating the SQL server.  The files would remain
accessible from the current web format, just in a different way behind the

If anyone has a beef with them (besides large HTML), let me know.

George Greer

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