From: JoeR (
Date: 06/28/99

> >
> > Any reason the FTP site and/or Developer web site isn't used?
> >
> After 3 consecutive crashes of the pweb server today I uploaded
> my stuff to
> the incoming directory of

I sense frustration here.

Do you have a list of the code you uploaded with short description of what
it does?  Apparently, they moved it from the incoming dir to the appropriate
folder... I'm interested in checking out your code.. since it is "what
hasn't been done already".

I am working on making two changes myself:
o movement sounds (adjacent rooms get 'you hear movement to the X')
o automatic HIGHLIGHT of extra description keywords within description block
for Level 1 players and Implementors.

I'm still 'assimilating' coding in C so these changes might not seem too
hard for most people...and if you've already made these changes, I'd be
interested in comparing code.

Joe Rykowski ('Cyklop'), SysAdmin/Builder/Coder
>> C.O.R.E. MUD - a post-cyberpunk adventure

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