MUD Registration Script -- Testing

From: George Greer (
Date: 06/28/99

The script (in a purely temporary location):

You may be wondering what exactly this does.  First we need a little
history, as I understand it.  Originally Jeremy had planned to give out
names for MUDs that use CircleMUD on the order of *
But it wasn't advertised as he didn't have time to really keep up with all
the changes people might require.

Now Jeremy has registered so any names given out can be of
the form *, a bit shorter and eliminates any confusion
between (us) and (not us).  This also makes it
trivial for us to update the zone file for

I've beat 251 lines of Perl code into a somewhat coherent script that will
allow people to register their own names in the hierarchy.
It's Perl written with the CGI module interfacing with a MySQL server
through DBI.

What I'm asking is that you beat on the script and try to break it.  Try to
change other records without the password, try to crash it, try to register
bad information[1], and whatever else you think of.  Format suggestions are
appreciated too.  All information, except passwords, will be public for
now.  That may change later depending on how this will relate to

The only thing currently not implemented is changing the password.  Well,
sub-domains aren't implemented either but I'm not entirely sure if we'll do
those right now anyway.

George Greer

[1] Currently it checks for illegal characters in the DNS name and
    host address, a port < 1 or > 65535, a period must be in the host
    address, the host address must resolve, and there must be a password.
    I don't check the URL or E-Mail yet.  Other suggestions welcome.

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