Re: MUD DOcumentation

From: Alex (
Date: 06/29/99

> CirclemUD, MudOS, UMud, TeenyMUD, UberMUD, TinyMud, CoolMud, AberMud, TpMud,
> ColdMUD, DikuMUD, MOO and LPMud.
In terms of CircleMUD, there's lots of documentation:
ColdMud comes with all the documentation in the archive.  Ditto for
CoolMud.  The LPMuds have the LPMud FAQ which lists several sources
of information.
MUSH/MOO information can be found at:

There're *lots* of links in there.

AberMud has a homepage out there somewhere (had?), no idea where it was
though.  UberMUD had nothibg from what I recall.  That's pretty much it
by way of documentation on webpages for those things.


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