Re: OFF-TOPIC: Anyone using Geocities to post their code...

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 06/30/99

Today, JoeR spake to the list:

> I think all it really means is that they want to use anything that may
> be upload for promotion of their service.  Like if you've got a really
> cool site, then they'd like to include it in screen-shots or whatever.
> *shrug* It's really no big deal.

XOOM uses much more specific language and, at the least, provides you with
an assurance that they're not going to go off and take your freely
provided software to become a billion-dollar company.  Yahoo!, on the
other hand, doesn't specify its intentions.  Which does *not* mean that
anyone in Yahoo! has any malicious intentions.  On the other hand, they
could; if they don't now, things change -- especially when the marketing
department sees green.

> SO, if you're afraid that Yahoo is going to "steal" your stuff, then it
> looks like XOOM is a much better place to put up a free site.

Agreed.  Note, BTW, that Yahoo! doesn't specify its web servers: it simply
says, "content submitted to *any* of Yahoo!'s property."  E-mail servers
may or may not count, depending upon how of a case you can make about not
accepting Yahoo!'s idiotic license.

-dak : The pejoritive, "yahoo," is an apt description for "Yahoo"

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