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Date: 07/08/99

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>  The question I have here, is who does the mud send stuff to?  Like this
>  ##UPDATE command - where is this command sent, and what is listening for
>  it?  You mention a perl script - do you intend to log in to the mud with
>  this perl script to receive messages?  I guess you could conceivably use
>  server push to have a cgi script send updated static pages to the
>  immortals' browsers by keeping track of the last modified times of all of
>  these automatically generated pages, and pushing them when the date
>  changes...

I am sorry that my previous post lacked clarity, (In fact i just re read it
myself and could hardly understand what i wrote)  Now to explain:
The Idea is to create a client that makes a connection to the mud,  Onece the
connection has been established and the immortal has logged in, the client
would download a a web page, that has content that has been created by the
mud (Sort of the the Who in HTML snippet).  Now one function of the client
will bne to work as a normal telnet client, but you will also have the option
to view the web page which will have info like who is on the mud, Info about
the players stuff like that.
The Perl script(s) would only be used to run the mud or do various tasks in
the muds library directory.

        Well at first it wont really provide as much information, but
eventually you can add almost anything you want as a supplament to the game,
and release a modified version as a client for your players or something.   I
dont know it is probaly just a complete waste of time but i think it would be
pretty cool.

        Sorry if you read this hoping to find the info about some amazing
miracle that is coming to a movie theater near you. but this is just the
diluted dream of a Junior in Highschool Who has no life outside of school,
mudding and p;layinh electric guitar.

Hope it answered your questions;

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