Re: mobprogs for Oasis 2.0 bpl15

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 07/18/99

Brian Williams wrote:
> I searched the ftp site and developer for this to no avail.  Is this out yet,
> and where can I find it if it is?  Thanks in advance..
> B-Dogg

There is mobprog support build into Oasis 2, but it doesn't work (needs
someone who uses mobprogs to work out what's wrong with it).  If you're
starting from scratch with bpl15 you may find dg_scripts the more
sensible option as they've a lot more functionality in them.  However
dg_scripts are only aviable for oasis 1.x at the moment.  It is possible
to merge them into 2 (but takes a fair amount of time)


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