Re: Level restrictions

From: Seth Blue (
Date: 07/19/99

> > I agree that having level restrictions on object can be good. The
> > example given is a good one. However, why restrict the object base only
> > on the player's level? Why not other aspects, like the player's stats
> > or if you have weapon proficiency in, on that as well (if the object is
> > a weapon that is).
> >
> These are some good idea's, I might try to work with soemthing like
> that.
> Having some kind of proficiency, and minimum levels will still be good.
> What would you think a good way of implementing it is?
> Adding skills for the type of weapon? in which some classes can not use
> a particular type? or if used, a negetive to hitroll? something like
> that?
> any better ideas?

let's not forget to add in types of armor you are attacking against...
pierceing weapons against chainmail gain a positive hitroll, etc...

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