Re: Level restrictions

From: Fabrizio Baldi (
Date: 07/20/99

> Fizal wrote:
> These are some good idea's, I might try to work with soemthing like
> that.
> Having some kind of proficiency, and minimum levels will still be good.
> What would you think a good way of implementing it is?
> Adding skills for the type of weapon? in which some classes can not use
> a particular type? or if used, a negetive to hitroll? something like
> that?
> any better ideas?

I've posted on ftp a snippet for weapon profs a few days ago, that I think
is a good starting point for all of this (I hope George will make it avaible
for download soon).

A warrior must practice with a certain type of weapon to use it without
penalities, and as long as he increase his training, he gains bonuses on
hitroll, damroll, AC and gets more attacks (up to 4).

This snippet is the base of my system, rather simple in this form, but also
easy to expand as you wish  :-))

I have worked from this point for two months right now, making deeeps
modifications to the stock practice system and adding various features like
armor bonus protection against a particular type of weapon, weapon speed,
ranged weapons and many other things, and all seems working fair..

If someone needs other info or help, I'm here..

so long

Fabrizio Baldi

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