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Date: 07/21/99

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> No, I'm saying not *every* higher level character should get higher level
> equipment.  The way you rephrased it makes it sound like I meant NO higher
> level characters get higher level equipment, or that I'm positing that
> higher level characters don't need better equipment to be at their best.
> I said neither of those things.

Sorry, wasn't trying to put words in your keyboard...

> #ifdef PEDANTIC
> First, "samurai" is the incorrect term.  A samurai was something akin to a
> knight in feudal Japan.  It was not a "do" (a way) or martial art.  There

<<-rest of abhorrently long lecture on japanese sword history snipped->>

Sorry, I don't recall asking for a lecture on what you thing was the correct term ;-P LOL

My point still being is that as a character progresses, he has a natural desire to aquire better, more advanced equipment.  Even if he is a "Kendo" and not "Samurai."  And I've seen some so called swords that could barely cut a cabbage.  So yes, cheap swords CAN be dull, but not all are.  Would a... and I use the term again for the heck of it... Samurai warrior trust his life to a $100 mail order sword?  I doubt it.  Would he be good with the $100 sword?  Undoubtably.

> > Of course he would want the strongest steel and the sharpest blade.
> Then he should try to get it from the guy who has it.  And if some people
> want it from him after he's taken it, then they can come and try to take
> it.  But there's not going to be fifty swords with the "strongest steel
> and the sharpest blade."  If you don't have one of the good ones, then you
> can either try to get it (steal it, kill for it, try to buy it off of some
> idiot who doesn't know what he has) or make due with the weapon you have.

Aha!  I like your point, however it doesn't really take into account the guy who amasses 5 of the 10 available "super swords" and then logs off for 6 months (or 5 guys each with one who never play again.)  The equipment is now effectively out of play.  Should it respawn so that others can gain enjoyment from it?  How do you limit something like that without going overboard?  There's my dilemma.

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