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From: Fizal (
Date: 07/21/99

To Dak: Had fun reading your comments :)

--- Tony Maro <> wrote:
>I like the ideas posted for weapon skill attributes, but that doesn't
>take in account special high-level armor.  Any ideas there?

Actually there are several ways to limit objects from being overloaded:
1. level restriction: yup, you can still use it, but not for everything
since that won't make any sense.

2. percentage load: to determine the frequency of loading for the obj.
So, the lower the frequency, the less people will be running around
with that "Super Killer Magical Glowing Sword of Death, Doom, Peril,
and Irrecoverable Debt."

3. obj count: count how many exists in the game currently, and with
players. Give it a low count limit. Then, when a player self-delete or
been out too long, thrash his rentfile and deduct the count.

4. weapon (and armor?) prof: Fabrizio Baldi just uploaded a snippet for
weapon prof. If a player uses a weapon that he doesn't know how to use,
he'll get penalized (-hr/-dr or something). Can also make it so that
the player will fumble/drop his weapon if too low in prof during fights
or hurt themselves instead. Actually, you can do a long of thing with
this prof thing....

5. level adjustment: instead of stopping players from using obj if
their level is too low, why not make adjustments to the obj's
properties. Example: a 6d6 +5 +5 sword with usage level 20. Those who
are too low in level can still use the sword, but the hr/dr are reduced
or something like that. But if a higher level player uses a 1d8 sword,
why not adjust it so that it'll gain some hr/dr. Or again, base on the
player's prof?

6. encumbrance (sp?) and worn objs: currently, worn objs are not
included in the calculation of carrying weight. Include them in, and
make it so that if they are too emcumbered by things, they'll move
slower, need more mv and fight slower too. Good if you have fighting
event system or can simply -hr (i think).

7. obj timer: put in timers for other objs instead of just corpses. A
6d6 +5 +5 sword will go dull if it's not sharpened, or get nicked too
much if used a lot. Then they need to spend money again and again to
ensure that it will continue to be in a good condition. Can also put
limited objects on lower timer, so that it'll trash faster.

8. based on stats: cross check with the player's stats. Example: a
heavy sword might need str15 to carry (if a player has str15, will he
be using both hands?), but to also to wield it properly during

9. puzzle/quest: a popular way to disperse eq. Players solve the puzzle
or do the quest and they get the eq at the end. Unfortunately, players
have the tendency to tell others the solution....

These are just some ideas, with half of them already in snippet/patch
forms in ftp site. But I have to agree that restricting objs based
solely one 1 thing (level) is a bad idea. You can try a bit of this and
that, but balancing the world should be the top priority in a builder's
mind. But then again, with several builders building, the world can be
a bit hectic... :P

Afizal Mustapa
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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