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Date: 07/21/99

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> the assassin mobiles to hunt the guy down.  Most of your mobiles probably
> aren't doing much of anything with their lives anyway.

Is that to say any of the players are?  }:-D

Here's a logistical question then.  Say you only want 5 of a particular sword in the game.  Total.  Joe has one and logs out with it.  Now, it's not an active item...  Joe never comes back and is automatically deleted in a few months.  Without putting special code to look for that ONE item, how do we know we can respawn the item?  Say you have 155 unique items in the mud... meaning that only one copy of each will exist.  Joe has one, and only plays once a week, but makes good use of it.  Jim has one and never comes back.  What's the best way to know to respawn the object (or whatever?) when Jim is deleted, without coding 155 different if thens or something of the sort?  I also am not interested in adding yet another flag to an object...

I guess at respawn time you have to count all objects currently loaded or saved with a character, wouldn't you?  In a LARGE MUD that could get processor intensive, I think.

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