Re: question for a newbie

From: Rama (
Date: 07/26/99

> For example:
>        - what version of CircleMUD are you using?
>        - what operating system are you using?
>        - what compiler are you using?
>        - any errors you've encountered in compiling the code or
>          through debugging a core file
>        - the *exact* name of the snippet in question
>          or a sample of code from around the 'error'
>        - what you think is wrong

i am very sorry :))
the next message will be better :)
for now i try to give all the information
1. i use bpl15
2 linux (suse 6.01) and win98 and winNT
3 in winXX borland c++ builder  in linux ..good question...i am quite new to
linux i have the make command and the gcc .. maybe this can help yeu..
4 the error are in this part of code
  mapfile = fopen("c:\\", "r");

  //fscanf(mapfile, "%d %d", &MAP_ROWS, &MAP_COLS);

  for (rowcounter = 0; rowcounter <= MAP_ROWS; rowcounter++) {
   for (colcounter = 0; colcounter <= MAP_COLS; colcounter++) {
    fscanf(mapfile, "%d", &vnum_read);
    mapnums[rowcounter][colcounter] = real_room(vnum_read);

that i have copy /past from the snippet (called mapsnip.txt)
the compiler give the same error something like
mapfile undefined
rowcouter undefined
colcouter undefined
i am new and my english is really poor :(
sorry about that and tanx for the help

bye bye

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