Re: Code: More of Racewar...

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 07/27/99

emil nilimaa wrote:

> As in my earlier msg..
> trying to save a "racename" to the pfile,
> like this..   "A Troll"
>                 "An Ogre"
>                "A Dark Dwarf"
> however the long names  like "a dark dwarf" dont work with ansi..
> the short does.
> for example
>                A &yHuman&n     saves fine.
> but         A &KDark&n &wElf&n  dosent.

Hrmmm, looks like it might have to do with the space in the long name, it is
possible that the game is ignoring the words "A" and "An" because they are
whitespace words which leaves you with...

"Dark Dwarf"

look into how the game parses the entries and see how it treats more than one
word, it may be that it is trying to see the second word as something entirely
different from a simple extension to the name.

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