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From: Benjamin Draper (
Date: 07/29/99

Kyos ~Overlord~ wrote:
> Anyone have some info or know where to find
> something related to this?
> i want to add so that when entering a room you see from wich
> dir you entered.

 I may be wrong, but have you tried act.movement.c? It's one of the
files which came with CircleMUD along with another called FAQ. It says:

1.2. I'm new to C and/or coding. What do I do?
... get a good C reference book and the read the code.
 Anyways, enough sarcasm. In act.MOVEment.c search for the line which
contains '$n has arrived', this is the line you are going to change.
A little above this look at the line which contains '$n leaves %s',
particuarly the integer dir and the dirs[] array. If you leave east
the you're going to be arriving from the west*, so you need to reverse
the direction, the easiest way is to have another array called revdirs[]
where each entry is the opposite of it's correspondant entry in dirs[].
You'll find dirs[] in constants.c and also look at constants.h.

*: Of course may want to add something later which checks to see if
leaving south in one room takes you to a room which has an exit north to
your original room, otherwise people could be seen arriving from
directions which need not neccessarily exist, rather than just 'arrive'.

-> Ben

-> Ben

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