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From: Sammy (
Date: 07/31/99

From: Fabrizio Baldi <>
Sent: Friday, July 30, 1999 1:35 PM

> I've tracked up all the latest q&a about ASCII pfiles (from May 99 'til now)
> but I've not understood (sigh!) if the package on the ftp site is still
> bugged or not, and if it correctly works under win98..

You'll probably need to go back further than that.  The package on the site is
still bugged, unless someone else has updated it since I uploaded it.  The
bugs I'm aware of include:

* The use of file->_fileno where fileno(file) should be used (diskio.c)
* Adding space for a NULL termination of strings (diskio.c)
* Character memory allocation in do_show, do_stat (stat file), and do_last
* Fixes to played time and last login (db.c)
* Typo correction in alias loading (db.c)

Make sure you've got all those.  If you're missing any let me know and I'll
dig up the changes.  I think there may be a couple other fixes I've made that
aren't in my rcs log of my memory.  There may also be a couple changes
necessary to make it work correctly with circle patch levels of 14 or higher.


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