Re: [devel] exits

From: William Lowrey (
Date: 08/02/99

That is a perfect situation for a room spec-proc.  I haven't done it, but
just thinking about it for a minute one way of making it work for lots of
rooms without having to make duplicates of it with only changing the room
the spec-proc takes you to, would be to have it get the char_to_room vai
the room stats.  Let me explain a bit better...I am better with examples

the room spec would require that you add a command of enter (unless you
already have an enter command).  In the spec-proc you will need to get the
room in which you want the player to enter.  One way of doing that is to
get the stats of the room, and find the doorway that has the world hole in
it.  Make the door unopenable with a description of what it is...hole,
mirror, crack, etc.  That door will have an associated room with it, that
it leads to.  Now you have the room.  Well, kinda need to get all the room
stats, but you get the idea.  Then do a char_to_room(ch, rm); and a
char_from_room(ch, currenct_rm); (haven't looked at circle code in a bit,
so not sure if they have functions exactly by those names)  Now, you can
have the character do a look, or send the description to the player
however you want to do that.  Just some rambling ideas.  Hope it helps
some  Sorry it wasn't more direct or clear.  Over worked and underpaid.


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