Problme after moving to RH 60 machine

From: Chuck Carson (
Date: 08/05/99

I just moved some code from a alpha based RH 5.1 machine
to a intel based RH 6.0 machine. The code compiled fine and
everything seemed to be working properly when I discovered
this problem:

If I create a new character he can use OLC fine. If I reboot the mud
they can no longer use OLC. If I create a new player and do
several saves (verifying that the player file is getting updated) they
can still use OLC. It seems that whenever I shut the mud down or
reboot the mud, something is doing something the the pfile that
is causing this. If I explicitly set OLC permissions to a player
once this happens it still does not work

The error I get from OLC is,  Sorry, there is no zone for that number.
(Regardless if a specify a zone number, room number, or anything)
This is the same error message I get trying to use any OLC commands.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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