mob prog (compile error) (newbie)

From: Rama (
Date: 08/07/99

hi people
i need help with compile a bpl15 with mobprog.
i use win98 and linux (suse 6.1) but i receive the same error compile when i
try to add the patch to this version.
i check by hand all the patch but i cannot undestand what is the problem.
i am new to this ml so i don't know what usually the people post to it. i
will post the error message and the part of code where i receive it....hope
that someone can help me


[Error] mobcmd.c(108): E2451 Undefined symbol 'room_num'.
[Error] mobcmd.c(108): E2379 Statement missing ;.
[Error] mobcmd.c(109): E2140 Declaration is not allowed here.
[Error] mobcmd.c(125): E2451 Undefined symbol 'was_in_room'.
[Error] mobcmd.c(625): E2193 Too few parameters in call to 'get_char_vis'.

-------part of code whit this error--------
108)  room_num was_in_room;
109)  int              door;
125)was_in_room = ch->in_room;

625)if ((victim = get_char_vis(ch,arg1)) == NULL)

if someone can help me or need more data to find the problem just e-mail me
tanxs a lot

bye bye

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