Problem: Cannot allocate memory.

From: Chuck Carson (
Date: 08/10/99

Is anyone using Circle pl 15 under RH 6.0?

I am using the version of pl 15 that comes with Oasis
(1.6 I think) and Death Gate 7a.

When creating a new object with oedit, it core dumps
in oedit_save_internally() just after the call to CREATE()

My log file says: Malloc failure: Cannot allocate memory.

I have added quite a few variables to obj_flags but this
is working fine, and I have also done this to several muds
in the past so I am sure that is not the probelm.

I also noticed this problem with another code tree I moved
from a 5.2 RH box to a 6.0 box (However, the 5.2 was an
alpha and I thought these problems were related to the
64 bit arch)

Other than my additions to obj_flags, the olc code is cherry.

I am starting to think RH6.0 is buggy as I have come accross
several other problems after upgrading (not circle related)

Any ideas on where to look?


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