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From: Chris Proctor (
Date: 08/11/99


> > It certainly _was_.
>It certainly _is_.  No-one ever thinks it's their code that's broken, but
>it is 99.9999999998% of the time.  You've screwed up your linked list
>somewhere and maybe a few other pointers elsewhere.  Perhaps you have a
>memory overrun.

Then why would if (blah) cause problems where if (blah != NULL) does not?

Surely if blah is not equal to NULL and if's behaviour is as specified they
should be functionally identical. They are certainly not in this particular
Aside from anything else this is not my code, it's stock circle (and I
haven't touched any of the descriptor handling code at all).
Admittedly I've changed a lot of the rest, but the socket and descriptor
stuff I've left well alone. I acknowledge the possibility that something
I've changed elsewhere has impacted on it, but it doesn't seem like from
this end.

Chris Proctor (Deathblade, Implementor of DominiaMUD)
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