From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 08/13/99

On Aug 14, Mike Forbes spake to the list:

> Could someone pls post (or repost, as the case may be) the coding.doc
> file from bpl15? Apparently the copy I have either got truncated or
> wasn't right to begin with... it only goes as far as the introduction,
> and then stops abruptly. thanks :)

Boy, I haven't seen this one in *LONG* time.  I thought something had been
missing from the list.  (I'd almost been tricked into thinking the FAQ,
doc/README-NOW, and mailing list archives had this one licked!)

  6.8.  Is there a complete ``coding.doc''?

  No.  Look at the README.NOW in the docs directory.  It isn't complete,
  nor does anyone have the entire thing.  It is being worked upon.


This is from the official CircleMUD FAQ, which comes with CircleMUD as the
file FAQ in the circle30bplXX/ directory.  The doc/README-NOW file also
mentions it.  Even so, several people have asked the question so there's
tons of references in the mailing list archives.


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