CODE: race

From: Tim Marks (
Date: 08/14/99

Got races in. Now I am lacking some functionality so I begin the arduous
task of making the mud be nice to races. First I get stat to show what race
a person is. Now I am attempting to get set to set races. However it does
not work :(
First I added to the set_fields structure a race field that is basically a
copy of class field. Making sure that it at the end but not before the last
field. So it is now number 52.

   { "race",       LVL_GRGOD,  BOTH,   MISC },

Then I went down and added a case 52. That is a copy of the class one
changed to race.

 case 52:
    if ((i = parse_race(*val_arg)) == RACE_UNDEFINED) {
      send_to_char("That is not a race.\r\n", ch);
      return (0);
    GET_RACE(vict) = i;

Unfortunately it does not even reach the case to tell me if the code works.
It reaches the default.

    send_to_char("Can't set that!\r\n", ch);
    return (0);

I figure it has something to do with the set_fields structure but I am not
sure. I am not familiar enough with the code, yet, to figure out all that
is going on in the set function, and its related functions. Any help would
be appreciated.


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