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From: Richard Jolitz (
Date: 08/15/99

Greetings All...

A few months ago, I posted an idea about a mud where interested persons
could come to learn to build and learn the basics in a mud for that
specific purpose.  The response I got was all positive and I"ve been
working towards getting something going.

In the next week, I will be setting up the mud and working on getting it
ready.  I plan, at this time, to use Smaug 1.4a.

I just wanted to post again on this to let everyone know that it is not a
dead idea, just took me a bit to get the time to start it!  I appreciate
all input I have received, and the followup emails as well.  I'm sorry I
didn't get you all answered.

I will be looking for 1 Coder, 1 Help File person, and a few Builders.
I'll be looking for experience as these folks will be the team that gets
this off the ground and running.  The Coding will not be that intensive as
I only have a small list of modifications I want done at this point.

I'll post when things are open and setup.  If you think you'd be interested
in helping on the initial team, please email me at
for details.


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