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Date: 08/16/99

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> When you are adding to a buffer before sending it to the
> character, which is the more suitable method?
> 1)
> sprintf (buf + strlen(buf), "blah.....");
> or 2)
> sprintf(buf, "%sblah......", buf);
> Or do these two end up the same at the binary level
> anyway?

I couldn't tell you about that, but there's a reason why CircleMUD changed
all the:
sprintf(buf, "%s...", buf);
sprintf(buf + strlen(buf), "...");

The main reason, as I recall, is that a compiler for Windows, Borland I
believe, clears out a buffer before printing into it.

So sprintf(buf, "%s...", buf); ends up just being "...".

I personally use sprintf(buf + strlen(buf), "..."); for no other real reason
than personal preference.  I don't use Borland or anything, but it's nice to
know your code is consistent.


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