Re: if (blah) ...

From: Chris Proctor (
Date: 08/17/99

>It only does "this" if "blah" is true (i.e., it's not zero/NULL).  A
>negative number is non-zero, and thus counts.  "if (blah)" is not the
>proper way to check for positive integers, only for things that are not
>NULL.  Note that free() DOES not set memory back to NULL, thus:
>     free(blah);
>     if (blah) printf("This is still printed.\n");
>Will print, "This is still printed.," but the memory is NOT valid for use.

Can you then:
blah = NULL;
if (blah) printf("This is still printed.\n");

Presumably the best way is to just make sure that you don't try and do
anything with the data after you've freed it . . .
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