Using points structure in nanny()

From: Chuck Carson (
Date: 08/21/99

I am wanting to temporarily use max_hit and max_move inside
nanny() to store values I only need during the character
creation process. Is this safe? It works very erratically
and I cannot seems to narrow it down to anything else.

I am assigning values to these two variables in CON_GET_NAME
like so:
  case CON_GET_NAME:
    if (d->character == NULL) {
      CREATE(d->character, struct char_data, 1);
      CREATE(d->character->player_specials, struct player_special_data, 1);
      d->character->desc = d;
     d->character->points.max_hit = 4;
     d->character->points.max_move = 0; (

Am I using the variables to early or can I use them at all?


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