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From: Rich Allen (
Date: 08/21/99

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> If you'd *Bothered* to take the time to read *any* of the mail that
> you were sent when you signed onto the list, or even bothered to read
> the FAQ that is mentioned in *every* single message on the mailing list,
> (in the little box right at the bottom), then you wouldn't need to ask
> such stupid questions.
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        Hey, Alex, chill out bud!  He said he wasn't _able_ to check the archive,
and you know what?  I can't either!  The link you so lovingly pointed out
above, the very same one posted at the bottom of each and every one of these
messages, IS DOWN!!!  At least when I click on the link the name is resolved
into an IP address and then times out.  The server is not responding, so
guess what, I am unable to view the archives either.  Wanna spout your
good-will at me now too? <smile>
        Maybe providing a few alternate links would have been a better reply, hmm?
The original poster can try some of these sites until the mailing list page
comes back from the dead:                - Homepage of CircleMUD  - Lots of good circle code advice

Rich Allen

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