dg script problem and linux

From: rama (rama@biella.alpcom.it)
Date: 09/09/99

Hi people!

i have some problem with dg script and linux. i have a bpl15 with some
modification(quest, arena,race, some snippet find on developer.circlemud.org,
oasis olc). i have add the dg event (if i remember well a 7a release) under win
98. All work perfectly and today i have take some time to compile under linux
and check if all work correctly.
i don't receive any error message and i don't receive any warning into the dg
file (just some warning that i have fixed into spell_parser because i have add
some comment and i have use to many /* )
when i try to use the mud all seem work correctly but when i go to the 1st mob
that use dg script the mud crash. i try evry option for the script (the
trigedit, load a mob with a script, try to assign a script to a obj -room- mob)
all will make mud crash. in win all go without problem and i don't understand
why there i have so much problem. if someone with better knowlegde in c and in
linux than me have a answer i will appreciate...

i have also check if all the file are in the unix format and all seem to be in
the right format...

bye bye and tanx for help


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