[LONG] Recent posts...and answer to Re: bpl12 practice setions

From: Brandon Brown (ViperBrd@aol.com)
Date: 09/10/99

<<      Hi, I use bpl12 and I am trying to set the practice setcions to a
number hier than what the setions are set at I would like it to be 10.
How would I do this?  bye >>

(note - though this appears as a flame, I DO provide the answer to your
question a bit further below)

I really hate to flame, but I've been seeing an increasingly large amount of
this type of post recently and a decreasing amount of intelligent,
interesting posts..

Guys, listen.  Modifications like this are simple - learn to experiment, to
browse the code, and to find what you're looking for.  If you're on a Linux
system, use the GREP command (see man grep), or on Windows use the
search-within-the-files thing in Explorer (whatever it's called).

We'll use this one for an example (lucky you!  You'll eventually get the
answer from me ;)

Okay, so we want to alter the practice system, yes?  So... practice system
controls spells, which are determined by classes.  Practice Sessions also
vary by classes, so the most obvious place to check would be class.c

Now, lets say that it's not found in class.c - you'd want to try to either
search the header files, or look for calls in other files to functions in
class.c.  The CircleMUD Cross-Reference (
http://www.circlemud.org/~jelson/circle/cdp/cxref/ ) - is an excellent, easy
way to find locations of functions and where they're called from.  Definitely
a read for the new CircleMUD coder.

As for posting questions like this to the list:  imagine yourself in a room
of 50 or so programmers (CircleMUD programmers..the worse kind).  They
obviously all carry that air of knowing EVERYTHING and feeling the need to
rub it in your face if you're wrong (I'm probably a perfect example) .  You
know that if you ask a question that seems simple to them, and eventually
obvious to you, you're going to get 'flamed'.  The fear of public speaking is

So what do you do?

You explore the question first.  You spend time working on it.  You try to do
the "impossible" - you try to figure it out yourself.

And chances are you will.  And in the process, you'll learn alot more about
the code than you would by asking somebody else to do it.

All in all, just my two cents..

B. Brown
WebMaster, CircleMUD WTFaq

TimeTraveller - "Lost in Time, and Loving it!"

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