Xapobj and houses

From: Jesper Andersen (knight@stofanet.dk)
Date: 09/15/99

I have tried the extremely good snippet which makes the server more
flexible and fun to use. But there is a small problem that I cant figure
out. It isnt a problem to save objects that lies in a player-house, but
it gives a error-log in from handler.c(function obj_to_room). With my
dizzy mind I cant figure out why it wont work, the function is here if
it helps:
void obj_to_room(struct obj_data * object, room_rnum room)
  if (!object || room < 0 || room > top_of_world)
    log("SYSERR: Illegal value(s) passed to obj_to_room");
  else {
    object->next_content = world[room].contents;
    world[room].contents = object;
    object->in_room = room;
    object->carried_by = NULL;

Anybody who has a solution as my mind os working on overtime at the


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