Re: ERROR, when someone logs on...

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 09/20/99

> > > >SYSERR: Received SIGHUP, SIGINT, or SIGTERM.  Shutting down...
> > >
> > >A player should never be able to generate this signal.  The user of your
> > >shell account can though, or root.
> > >
> >
> > hmm strange... i think its just from that particular site too.
> > I once put up a stock code on a computer, and when i tried to log on
> > from that site, the mud hanged, and that msg came up too.
> > Its same site as this player is loggin in from...
> >
> I had a player that every *other* time he logged in it crashed the mud.
> How's that for a tough one to track down.  Luckily he stopped coming
> around because I never figured out what the deal was with his specific
> site that caused that.
        Well, I'd check your code for signal generators.  Grep for the
'raise' function.  Since it seems site specific, the only thing I can
think of is that your dns lookup code is killing you when you recieve
something that won't fit into the correct size character array...
Though, I wouldn't have raised a signal, and especially not one like that,
i would have just used strncpy or something.  Which patches, version, and
os are you running?  Focus on things like copyover, dns, and patches which
run when the character enters the game.


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