Re: ERROR, when someone logs on...

From: Emil Nilimaa (
Date: 09/20/99

> > > > >SYSERR: Received SIGHUP, SIGINT, or SIGTERM.  Shutting down...
> > > >
> > > >A player should never be able to generate this signal.  The user of
> > > >shell account can though, or root.
> > > >
> > >
> > > hmm strange... i think its just from that particular site too.
> > > I once put up a stock code on a computer, and when i tried to log on
> > > from that site, the mud hanged, and that msg came up too.
> > > Its same site as this player is loggin in from...
> > >
> >
> > I had a player that every *other* time he logged in it crashed the mud.
> > How's that for a tough one to track down.  Luckily he stopped coming
> > around because I never figured out what the deal was with his specific
> > site that caused that.
> >
>         Well, I'd check your code for signal generators.  Grep for the
>'raise' function.  Since it seems site specific, the only thing I can
>think of is that your dns lookup code is killing you when you recieve
>something that won't fit into the correct size character array...
>Though, I wouldn't have raised a signal, and especially not one like that,
>i would have just used strncpy or something.  Which patches, version, and
>os are you running?  Focus on things like copyover, dns, and patches which
>run when the character enters the game.

Using linux rh 6.0

and i have had the same problem with circlemud stock code, without any
patches or changes at all.
Seems odd...

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