Re: Hanging Problem

From: Emil Nilimaa (
Date: 09/23/99

>OK, got a problem here....
>I'm running circle 3.0 bpl15 under windows 98/cygnus.... yeah yeah, I'm
>getting linux installed on a seperate computer soon enough.
>But anyways, the problem: It seems that whenever I bring the mud up, and
>anybody tries to log on, it just stays at the "connected to"
>message, the welcome screen never shows up, nobody can log on. No errors
>come up in syslog or anything like that, Circle thinks it's all normal. I
>haven't made any drastic changes to the code, one day it just started doing
>Help would be appreciated, if anyone knows what's wrong.

sounds like same problem i had, with slow nameservers...
you can change it so you get ip nr instead of names,
if its same problem change in config.c
int nameserver_is_slow = NO;
to YES

shrug. (im no super coder)

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